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Hankang group has gone through 15 years since its founding in 2002, and we have gone through the extraordinary development of entrepreneurship. The retrospect hankang all the way, the business continues to expand, widely involved in different fields, but we still insist on continuous progress, don't forget the heart, persist in the end.

"Han" is the majority, "Kang" is healthy, hankang group has always been adhering to the enterprise in a wider area of sustainable and healthy development. With the rapid development of economy in recent years Chinese, also contributed to more industries have maintained a stable development situation, under such a good environment, Han Kang group from the original single industry continues to expand the field of , and achieved good results. In international trade, real estate investment and development, bio medicine, finance and insurance industry, we adhere to lead the development of enterprises in innovation, through the vigorous implementation of industrial innovation, management innovation, market innovation, talent innovation, culture innovation, continuous optimization and adjustment, maintain a strong vitality, make the development of a broader industry space.

Hankang also endeavours to fulfil our social responsibilities. At the same time of strengthening industrial construction, we have been eager to devote ourselves to the cause of social public affairs, give full play to our influence and creativity, take an active part in social activities, undertake social responsibilities, and make a due contribution to social public welfare undertakings.

While hankang's rapid development, we pay more attention to the cultivation of talents. Hankang gathered outstanding talents in various fields, and made full use of their talents in the process of the development of the company. All the time, we are also encouraging employees to keep a learning heart forever, constantly challenge self, break through the self.

For a long time, hankang's development goal is to take root in China and to the world. Around the core industries such as real estate, finance and insurance, biomedicine, international trade and so on, we must really strengthen the core industries. At the same time, we will continue to explore new fields of development. We will strive to become world-class enterprises with outstanding strength, sustainable development and remarkable economic benefits. Thousand mill strike, Seoul, the four corners of the world wind, the road of development, has a long way to go, we are willing to work with the global community development work together to create a better future!