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  • July 2017

    Guangzhou Xin Fu Lai Plaza opened bidding Address of the project: the intersection of Qingnian Road and friendship road, Whampoa , Guangzhou
  • July 2016

    Han Kang group headquarters moved: Shenzhen City, No. 9289 Binhe Road, Futian District riverside Times Building 62 Kingkey floors
  • May 2015

    The establishment of hankang renewable resources Co., Ltd., the focus of business for reengineering waste products. Through recycling of waste plastics in Hongkong, resource regeneration will become useful plastic raw materials and products, meet the
  • 2016

    The establishment of Shenzhen hankang insurance sales and Service Co., Ltd., actively explore cross border development in the field of traditional insurance and Internet platform, and strive to create O2O independent insurance platform, and form a on
  • December 2014

    Shenzhen Gao Zhuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has officially become a member of hankang group. Baoan Gaozhuo pharmaceutical pharmaceutical factory in Southern China County in 1989, 1990 for the restructuring of Shenzhen Valno pharmaceutical limited com
  • 2011

    Set up Shenzhen you Zhicheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd., in order to operate the main business of commodities. The large copper and metal traders in China Import electrolytic copper, aluminum, nickel and other trade business.
  • June 2010

    Shenzhen hankang Holding Group Co., Ltd. was established with investment, holding, finance and real estate development as the main business.
  • 2010

    Shenzhen Gao Shan Chuan Trade Co., Ltd., engaged in import engineering equipment, plastic raw materials, hardware and electronic products and electronic products wholesale business.
  • June 2008

    An overseas company, Hongkong Han Kang (International) Co., Ltd. has been established. Mainly engaged in the import of engineering equipment, Hongkong inspection, storage and domestic sales, as well as commodities, non-ferrous metals, fuel oil and ot
  • 2002

    The establishment of the Shenzhen hankang Industrial Development Co., Ltd., the main import and export of construction equipment, and as a sponsor of the establishment of the Shenzhen municipal construction machinery operators.
  • 1984

    The creation of Mega International (Hongkong) Co., Ltd.