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      Shenzhen hankang Holding Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. After fifteen years of development, it has made remarkable achievements in international trade, real estate development, biomedicine, finance and insurance, professional market, renewable resources and other industries. At present, it is a large and diversified large group company which integrates industry and capital.
      Hankang group has been optimizing and adjusting for many years, the development of industrial field has been expanding, and great progress has been made. At present, the group has about 7 billion of its assets and has a reserve of about 300000 square meters of land, with a wide range of businesses in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Haikou and other cities.

      Han Kang group has been adhering to the "honest and earnest work, pioneering and enterprising" of the enterprise purpose, concern and support from all walks of life in the process of development, in all walks of life to build a rich resources and form a good business relationship, the basis for the group in the development of a solid cushion.
      Hankang group will be "based on China, radiation global" for the enterprise development goal. Han Kang people will be adhering to the "Our wills unite like a fortress. spirit of enterprise, innovation," to develop around the core industry group, while strengthening the development and investment in new business areas, in the new blueprint for the development of the future, increase the existing business on the basis of optimization and upgrading, with the pace of technological development, in the emerging field of Internet related science technology development, effective integration of resources, to attract more talented people to join, continue to explore and discover new opportunities for development, constant self breakthrough, and strive to build the overall outstanding strength, sustainable development and economic benefits of international first-class enterprise group.