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The Hong Kong and macau advisory committee of jieyang people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) and members of the committee went to hankang group headquarters to attend the symposium.

      On December 3, 2017, jieyang city CPPCC vice chairman, Mr Li, jieyang city CPPCC Lin Zixiang Sir, jieyang city, the CPPCC, director of the preparatory committee of Hong Kong and Macao, Macao and Taiwan QiaoWei Mr Chen Yi and jieyang city the CPPCC, deputy director of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan QiaoWei attitude toward the section chief, Mr Huang Yanqian with Hong Kong and Macao, committee member a line of advisers to jieyang city people's political consultative conference, said han kang group headquarters learning spirit of 19 major symposium, jieyang city CPPCC member, said han kang group chairman Mr Shao-hua Lin warm in reception, held on the 19th great triumph together conveys ideas discussed in depth.


      The 19th national congress of the CPC was held in Beijing on October 24, 2017. Meeting with "don't forget the beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission" as the theme, holding the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the runoff to build a well-off society in an all-round way, the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics, seize new era to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream of unremitting struggle.
      Jieyang city CPPCC, director of the preparatory committee of Hong Kong and Macao Lin Zixiang Mr. Did the opening of this meeting, the purpose of this symposium is introduced, according to involved in the development of Hong Kong and Macao regions in 19 major expounds the point of view, height must be the policy of "one country, two systems" the great achievements, and promoting the common development with the mainland in Hong Kong and Macao area, and called for all the Chinese people's political consultative conference committee, consultant positive response to the spirit of learning and implementing the 19th.

Mr. Lin zixiang, director of the Hong Kong and Macao committee of the municipal people's political consultative conference in jieyang city.

      Jieyang city CPPCC member, said han kang group chairman, Mr Shao-hua Lin said at the meeting, as a CPPCC member should be highly brought understanding and take the lead, in-depth experience of 19 big spirit at the same time to carry out and drive of 19 large construction work, hand in hand to explore construction work, to work out the right policies and guidelines, and strive for a new era of building a well-off. Must accurately implement the "one country, two systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong, hands Macao", strictly in accordance with the constitution and the basic law, maintain long-term and stable development of Hong Kong and Macao, believe that the motherland in the future will be more rich and strong (powerful).

Mr. Lin shaohua, CPPCC member of jieyang and chairman of hankang group.

       Subsequently, the present CPPCC members and advisers also published their own experience of learning the spirit of the 19th century, and expounded their views on issues such as culture, people's livelihood, education and economic development. At the scene, all of you have expressed their enthusiasm for the construction of One Belt And One Road and actively participated in the construction of the bay area of guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Strengthen education work, actively cultivate the next generation of patriotic thoughts, so that the next generation can better understand the development of the motherland, and share the great glory of the motherland.
The CPPCC members spoke actively
        Finally, jieyang city CPPCC vice chairman Mr Li made the meeting summary, "one country, two systems" in the "one country" is the premise and foundation, strictly in accordance with the constitution and the basic law, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots and share our motherland prosperous, for Hong Kong and Macao, the younger generation should be patriotic thought education work, set a good example to influence the next generation. As a CPPCC member, he said, responsibility and obligation, and make the corresponding contribution to promote the party's 19 big spirit deeply rooted in the ground to take root, must insist for a long time and continuous development, give play to the important role of socialist deliberative democracy.

Mr. Li jian, vice President of jieyang city CPPCC
        Through this symposium, CPPCC members and advisers have gained a deeper understanding of the spirit of the 19th century and laid a good foundation for future work. The forum also ended with a warm applause.