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Do not forget the early heart - Shenzhen temper forward Jiexi chamber of Commerce anniversary celebration was held successfully

        In December 23, 2017, the anniversary celebration of the Jiexi chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen was held in the Shenzhen international high school. Leaders at all levels, chamber of Commerce, honorary president, honorary chairman, Honorary Advisor, Honorary Advisor, chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce of all members of a total of more than 600 people gathered together to get their.

       The main leading guests attending the anniversary celebration (ranking without succor):The Shenzhen Jiexi chamber of Commerce chief honorary president Wang Zaixing, the Central People's Government Liaison Department Director Liu Kexin, Jieyang municipal CPPCC Liaison Committee Director Liu Jianzhong, Jieyang CPPCC Vice Chairman, Jiexi county Party Secretary Chen Qunfeng, Jiexi County People's Congress Chairman Chen He, chairman Chen Junqiang, Jiexi County, Jiexi County Committee, publicity minister Wang Qunqing, Jiexi County Committee, United Front minister Jin Xiao Lin, Jiexi County standing committee, director of the County Office of the woods, Jiexi County deputy director of the county office, reception office director Lin Nan, Jiexi County deputy director of the office of Yang Can, on the sand town Party Secretary Yang Hua, Wu Yun town Party Secretary Peng Shaoxing, Ping Town Party committee secretary Wen Qingwen, Longtan town Party Secretary Ceng Ruiping, Nanshan Town Party committee secretary Peng Xizhan, party secretary Zou Ruihao, Hui Zhai Zhen Jing Xi Yuan town Party Secretary Zou Jincheng, Wu Jingfu Town Party Secretary Chen Feng, the town Party Secretary Yang Baoqiang, Qian Keng Zhen Party committee secretary Lin Dongwei, the gold and the town Party Secretary Yang Jiesheng, phoenix town Party Secretary Lin Peifu, cotton town Party Secretary Lin Yu Chun, Dongyuan town Party Secretary Lin Zhuocheng, head of tower town Party Secretary Li Zhifeng, mayor Cai Zhijun, Liang Tian Xiang original Affairs Office of the State Council foreign secretary Wang Qimeng, the former Guangdong Provincial Federation vice chairman, chairman of the Federation of Jieyang Huang Qinghua. Guangdong Province, Jieyang, Guangdong Province, Jiexi chamber of Commerce President Lin Bangzhao Cai Chuande, President of the chamber of Commerce of Jiexi economic brigade deep association president Cai Mingyuan, Shenzhen Chao green entrepreneurs association president Cai Wenchuan, Shenzhen City, Baoan Longchuan association president Zhang Luguang, Shenzhen City, Jieyang Shenzhen city Puning chamber of Commerce Chairman Huang Shiyu, executive president of the chamber of Commerce Zhou Nan, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Chaozhou chamber of Commerce Wu Jian, Dongguan City, Jieyang, Dongguan City, Jiexi chamber of Commerce President Lin Yuxin Cai Yuping, President of the chamber of Commerce in Zhuhai city of Jiexi Jiangmen Jiexi chamber of Commerce executive president Huang Shuzhao, executive president of the chamber of Commerce Zeng Wen, Huizhou chamber of Commerce in Shantou, Chaozhou and Huiyang chamber of Commerce Chairman Lin Mao, vice chairman of Jiexi chamber of Commerce of Qingyuan Cai Shijin, Zhongshan Jieyang chamber of Commerce vice president Weng Chufan, Huizhou City, Jieyang chamber of Commerce vice president Lin Guoping Foshan City, Jieyang chamber of Commerce Chairman Chen Qinliang, Malaysia And Selangor hopoh Association, Datuk Huang Liefang Cai Yuejin book world hakka.

Cai Chuanjian's standing vice president's welcome speech

     Executive vice president Cai Chuanjian of secretary Chen Qunfeng personally led the "hometown of Shenzhen and Hong Kong to congratulate the team" of the Jiexi chamber of Commerce anniversary celebration scene to guide a warm welcome, he said, this not only brought home party and the villagers more profound sentiments of friendship, is the chamber of commerce give great inspiration and encouragement he said in an effort to do their business at the same time, earnestly fulfill the sacred duty of the chamber of Commerce, establish a good image of the chamber of Commerce, give counsel for home development and make due contributions to the construction of new, Western concepts.

President Lin Shaohua's report on work

      In his work report, President Lin Shaohua reviewed the progress of the business of the chamber of Commerce this year and reported the next stage of work. The report pointed out that the chamber of Commerce will uphold: build a win-win cooperation for the members of the chamber of commerce platform, inheritance tide culture, do good feedback, Xiang Zi will aim to do, don't forget the heart, temper forward. He said that in 2018 the fight in the business to the breakthrough will, in the construction of special cultural tourism town project approval, development, construction, promotion as; actively promote the charity work in Hongkong and will continue to do the volunteer Affairs Development Committee together with the activities of community elderly people for poverty alleviation, continue to carry out patriotic education activities for young people; in Jiexi, plans to gradually focus on investment in construction of the township health centers, donor fitness equipment, let the old people in Jiexi enjoy music; to strengthen the Shenzhen Jiexi's young and hometown exchanges, through a variety of ways to inherit tide of culture, let these Chinese descendants draw strength from thousands of years of circulation down the spirit of fertile soil, successfully inherited property, employment entrepreneurship, reasonable for industry; the positive development of members, standardize and perfect Various rules and regulations of the chamber of Commerce to expand the reputation and reputation of the chamber of Commerce. We should improve the management mode of the chamber of Commerce, set up a special committee according to its functions, and push the work smoothly through the way of sub vice president and vice president. Efforts will be made to build the chamber of commerce into a big family and a big stage of cooperation and win-win cooperation in Jiexi, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, and Hong Kong.

Guangdong Province, Jieyang chamber of Commerce Chairman Mr Lin alternate Chao

       President Lin alternate Chao said that Guangdong province Jieyang chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen Jiexi chamber of Commerce from Jieyang Sanjiang, Jie Yi is rooted in the earth, the same roots and veins, deep friendship. And that will continue to strengthen cooperation and exchanges, promote collaborative joint development, mutual sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, together, together for the construction of social economy and culture, the hometown for Jieyang to build the eastern new growth pole and make new and greater contributions.

Speech by Chen Qunfeng, vice chairman of the Jieyang Municipal Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the Jiexi County Committee

      Chen Qunfeng, Secretary of the CPC Jiexi County People's Government on behalf of the county, and the county people of Hong Kong Jiexi chamber of Commerce was founded in 1st anniversary celebration of warm congratulations, he pointed out that the Jieyang municipal Party committee under the leadership of Jiexi has made great progress in a text, and said Chuangwei, in the new year will strive to improve the business environment, to expand investment, increase development efforts, in the hope that the local Yin, folks can return to Jiexi visits, business investment, and work together to Jiexi to build a more prosperous and powerful!

Speech by Liu Kexin, director of the Liaison Department of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong

      Director Liu Kexin fully affirmed, on the Shenzhen Jiexi chamber of Commerce this year's work, he proposed that the chamber of commerce should seize the opportunity to accelerate the integration of the national development plan, actively contribute for the development of Hong Kong and Macao Bay area, bridge and home economic and trade cooperation and exchange, on this piece of land for sowing the seeds of hope, Shenzhen, Jiexi Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, provide employment platform.

      The business good, do good, cultural heritage. Let us have a common accent, nostalgia Xian are closely together, for our better tomorrow, Jiexi for a better tomorrow, don't forget the heart, temper forward!

The new membership awarding ceremony

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