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Regenerative plastics industry has four advantages and broad prospects

     The development of plastic industry has brought convenience to the life and production of human society, and it also leads to a large number of waste plastic waste. Waste plastics are difficult to degrade, and their impact on the environment is more and more obvious. It is urgent to deal with them correctly. Especially in recent years, the state has been actively implementing environmental protection governance, and has tightened up for enterprises to deal with pollution and garbage disposal. The plastics industry is the focus of environmental protection.
In addition, the strict control of "foreign garbage" imports by the state indicates that the country is ready to take the road of sustainable development, and also firmly determined the determination to protect the environment. Under such circumstances, the situation of plastics industry can be imagined. But as a member of plastics industry, the development prospect of recycled plastics industry is optimistic by many people.

Environmental advantages
      World resources are always a hot topic of mankind. The slogan of saving resources has gradually penetrated into the hearts of people. Therefore, the awakening of recycled materials is also inevitable, so that people can truly achieve environmental protection and energy conservation through recycling of resources.
The recycled plastic has a great environmental advantage compared with the traditional plastic. Taking polyester as an example, the energy demand of recycled polyester is less than that of the original 2/3, and it reduces 2/3's sulfur dioxide and 1/2 nitrogen dioxide and water consumption by 10 times. At the same time, there is no need to landfill the original plastics.
After the technological innovation of products and industrial structure adjustment, China's recycled plastics industry has made great progress, and is developing towards high quality, multi variety and high technology. The market environment of recycled plastics has already begun to scale. The figure of recycled plastic can be seen in the fields of textile, automobile, food and beverage packaging, electronics and other fields. In addition, a city consummate plastic products, bags and other plastic products to more than 10 tons per day. There are also a large number of waste plastics in rural areas that can be recycled. Our country has formed a large number of large-scale recycling old plastics trading centers and processing areas, and the prospect of recycled plastics industry is promising.
Experts also suggest that the domestic recycling plastics industry must firmly grasp the historical opportunities for development, do well in the scale of large and large industries, so as to promote the industrialization and leap forward development of the industry.

It fills the domestic gap under the prohibition order
       In order to block the pollution generated by primary processing and further transfer to the domestic market, the state banned the entry of 4 categories of 24 solid wastes, such as household waste plastics, unclassified waste paper, textile waste and vanadium slag. The policy will be formally implemented at the end of 2017. As a result, the import of waste plastics renewable raw materials for the blank will be replaced by other plastic materials, as a desire for profit market, if the costs associated with excess will completely replace the new plastic belt, then recycled plastics is a very good choice. In addition, the recycled plastic is not in the forbidden area.
Although China's recycling classification system is not very perfect, there are still many shortcomings. However, the demand industry and the demand for recycled plastics in the domestic market will further drive the improvement of the industry system and the transformation of the industry.

Policy boosting regenerative plastics
      The industrial green development plan (2016-2020) requires that by 2020, the recycling of waste plastics in China should reach 23 million tons. We should accelerate the efficient utilization of renewable resources and the development of industrial norms. In order to accelerate the application of advanced and suitable recycling technology and equipment, the main renewable resources, such as waste plastics, are expedite. We will build a batch of renewable resources industrial agglomeration area, promote the cross regional synergy utilization of renewable resources, build a recycling system of regional renewable resources, and promote the gradual standardization of industry order.
In May 2017 the national development and Reform Commission issued the "Circular" to lead the development of action, proposed in 2020, the main waste recycling rate reached about 54.6%; to promote the circulation of industrial waste utilization, promote the recycling of renewable resources and quality and upgrade, support the remanufacturing development of large-scale industry norms, the construction of regional resources recycling system. The extension system of producer responsibility was carried out, and the system for the promotion and use of recycled products and regenerated raw materials was established.
In August 2017, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the list of pollutant discharge permit classification management of stationary sources (2017 Edition), in which downstream enterprises with recycled plastics as raw materials need to apply for emission permits before 2020. The application of pollutant discharge permit to restrict the emission behavior of each polluter requires that it must permit pollution discharge and discharge according to the certificate, which is conducive to straighten out the environmental supervision procedures and rebuild our environmental supervision system.

Recycled plastic itself is powerful
       The biggest advantage of recycled material is that the price is absolutely cheaper than the new material, and it can also process certain attributes according to different needs, and make the corresponding products, so that it will not greatly drain the resources. Coupled with the development and progress of technology, the recycled plastics have certain elasticity, high strength, wear resistance and better insulation performance.
For example, HIPS is an excellent kind of recycled plastic on the market. Its impact strength is very high, more than 4 times higher than that of plastic material ABS. Its electrical insulation is also very good, HIPS is easier to color, and easy to print. Moreover, the special fragile and imdurable defects can be solved in the way of rubber modification.